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More Marketing Isn't Always the Answer

As small business owners look for ways to increase sales, they frequently assume that more marketing is the answer. However, in my conversations with small business owners and their sales people, “more marketing” often translates to “we need more leads.”

Small businesses rarely have the resources for automating their marketing processes or building a robust content strategy. Leads can be found in many places that do not require large investments in marketing programs. In order to find these leads, it is key that the lead generation funnel is well defined, and that the individuals building the sales and marketing plans understand the progression. Without this definition and understanding of each step in the process, “more marketing” will not lead to more leads but will most certainly lead to more money spent.

Have you defined what happens in each step of the lead generation process? Do your teams agree with how they play a role in generating more leads? If your business needs help with identifying your lead generation funnel, get in touch with MMC.